Froggie goes a callin’

     Gardening and especially Water Gardening is another one of my passions that is quite enjoyable and calming. Being able to watch all the life like the dragonflies alighting on the water plants, the fish chasing each other in little circles, the waterlilies pushing out their flowers and the frogs who have made my pond a home provide endless hours of enjoyment and entertainment .

     My attention shifts from watching the frogs chirping and calling out to each other and catching insects to the dragonflies and damselflies chasing each other round and round in an elegant aerial courtship until eventually the little female damselfly allows herself to be caught and they continue their dance albeit now connected even in flight. If all goes well they will lay their eggs in the water and their offspring will become pond residents as well.

One of the stars of my garden pond are the beautiful and captivating waterlilies who very prolifically add their spectacular blooms like they were going out of style. They come in all shapes and sizes from brilliant white blooms to fiery reds, elegant peach tones, delicate sky-blue tints, deep blues and gorgeous purples. And a great thing about the waterlily is that they are certainly not shy in flowering. They grace any pond with their beautiful and elegant blooms in a constant and unwavering display of colorful blooms, only retiring their flowers come night-time and opening once the morning sun begins to break. There is also the night-blooming variety which opens its blooms once the sun starts to set. So if you have the two kinds you are constantly blessed with a show of their captivating display of blooms.

In this age where the concrete jungle is the norm and nature is being pushed back by development one way of bringing nature back into your life is by getting yourself a pond and give nature a hand.


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