Of Monsters Spaceships and Sofas in the Afternoon Sun.


      Like it says in the heading above, this blog is all about my passionsparagliding, photography, social commentary, art and food. So far I’ve covered the first 3. And from the proddings of friends and co-bloggers I am baring a little bit more of my soul through this blog by showing-off my artwork.
Art has been something which I’ve had a passion for for quite a long time–I remember spacing-out and retreating to a fantasy world filled with monsters and spaceships of my own creation in boring class sessions in elementary and high-school. Being part of the art club in school and joining art contests. Although despite my little talent I’ve always struggled with it in the sense that despite the encouraging results that I get whenever I do get up the courage to do a piece of work, I always have a hard time making the next piece. It takes many forms — procrastination, analysis paralysis, fear of failure and a lot of other excuses. Maybe by writing about it in this blog and showing it here I can eventually gather up enough courage and inspiration to do more.


2 thoughts on “Of Monsters Spaceships and Sofas in the Afternoon Sun.

  1. I’m not sure you got the last one so I’m gonna say it again — Man, you’re good!!! I look forward to your other works – with colors. 🙂

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